White Rhino
[Photo by Safi Kok/Creative Commons License] [Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit - TikTok]

And the ‘Genius of the Year’ award goes to……definitely not this kid.

A nineteen-year-old is quite possibly going to jail after being charged with criminal trespass for jumping into Singapore’s white rhinoceros enclosure to perform a backflip for his TikTok followers.

Ralph Wee Yi Kai was also charged with two separate incidents last year that involved two counts of malicious mischief and one count of vandalism, according to the StraitsTimes.

He is out on a $15,000 bail but will return to court on August 16th.

Wee allegedly entered the white rhino enclosure while a female friend filmed the incident posted to his TikTok account, according to his trespass charge.

Wee was also brought up on charges that happened on October 9th of last year.

Namely, vandalizing a bus stop information panel causing $900 worth of damage, and purposely hitting the side mirrors of a Mercedes Benz and a BMW, causing $2,792.70 and $1,669.20 cost of damages, respectively.

If found guilty on all charges, Wee will have to face close to FOUR YEARS of jail time, fines of up to $3,500, and mandatory public caning of between three and eight strokes.



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