5 year-old California boy with autism gifted by Old Navy with his favorite mannequin store dog
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Rebecca Hart]

The mom of an autistic little boy praises Old Navy retail store chain for showing her son kindness by surprising him with his own mannequin store dog. 

It all started when Rebecca Harlow was visiting the Clovis, California branch with her son, Heath. 

Harlow said that her son became distraught when he noticed that the Old Navy mannequin dog, whom he named, “Magic” was not positioned at the front of the store as usual. 

“Heath became upset and anxious and proceeded to run around the store looking for the dog,” Harlow said.

Harlow went on to explain that Heath’s autism causes him to process the world very differently. Predictability and routine are essential to him. The smallest of things could catapult him into a meltdown.    

Harlow said she asked an employee where the dog was but was saddened that the animal mannequin was not currently on display.  

The employee quietly put ‘Magic’ the dog back on display without alerting the family, specifically for Harlow. 

“I am telling you the joy on this little boy’s face; there’s nothing like it.” Harlow wrote on a Facebook post. 

Finishing up her post, Harlow praised the employee “for bringing happiness to a little boy who has a hard time in this world.”

“You made him smile, and for that, I am so very grateful,” she wrote. “Her gesture… meant far more than she knows.”

Following Harlow’s heartfelt post, Old Navy’s corporate team caught wind of the story — and wanted to do more for Heath.

The group invited Heath and his family back to the store on Friday. This time, Heath not only got to see ‘Magic,’ but he also got to bring home his mannequin dog.

“Heath’s Magic Moment!! Thank you to Old Navy and your kind-hearted employees!” Harlow wrote on Facebook Friday evening, besides several photos of the exciting day.

Harlow added in a separate post, “I hope they inspire us to open our hearts to anyone needing some extra love and acceptance.”



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