79-year-old woman hospitalized with severe injuries after being stomped on by moose while taking her dog out in the yard, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.
[Photo by Baron von Snek/Creative Commons License]

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a 79-year-old dog-sitter was severely injured after being attacked by a cow moose in rural Glenwood Springs.

The woman thought a moose and two calves that she saw in her yard earlier in the day were gone.

When she took the dog she was caring for outside at around 9 p.m., Colorado Parks and Wildlife said the moose suddenly attacked her.

The injured woman had to be airlifted via helicopter to a nearby hospital.

A neighbor saw the moose repeatedly stomping on the woman, wildlife officials said.

The moose was likely trying to protect its calves.

People in the area saw the moose and calves wandering the neighborhood before the attack.

Neighbors have spotted several other moose in the same area, which could make it challenging to locate the moose that attacked the woman.

Wildlife officials called off the search for the moose until they have new information.



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