83-year-old woman rescued from 70ft fall after her cat's persistent meows led rescuers to her location
[Photo by Lisa Zins/Creative Commons License] [Twitter Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Independent]

A hero cat’s persistent meowing led emergency crews to the location of an 83-year-old British woman who plunged 70ft down an embankment.  

According to Cornwall police, rescuers were alerted to the injured woman’s location by her pet cat, Piran, who was meowing from the corner of a large cornfield near her home in Bodwin. 

Piran the cat was heard meowing near the location. [Pic credit: Bodmin Police]

Search and rescue services had been searching for the missing woman around the vicinity of her home when a passer-by noticed her cat crying loudly on Saturday morning. 

Cornwall Firefighters and Rescue Service found the unidentified woman had plunged down a 70-foot ravine into a secluded wooded area.   

She was taken by the Cornwall Air Ambulance service to the hospital, with South West Ambulance Service also helping to treat her.

The 83-year-old was said by Bodmin Police to be in a “stable condition,” with the police force adding: “Piran the cat saved the day! ?”



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