99 Chihuahuas Saved From Extreme Dog Hoarding Situation In Pennsylvania, Several Found Dead
[Facebook Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Cross Your Paws Rescue]

Ninety-nine chihuahuas and two cats were rescued from a residence on Coffee Street in Uniontown, Pennsylvania after neighbors called authorities because of the intense barking and pungent odor.

Authorities say a mother and her son were hoarding the dogs and tried smuggling some pups out of the house by putting them inside a sheet.

Sadly, some Chihuahua pups were found dead. The vast majority of the dogs were malnourished and scared.

Animal rescue volunteers from Cross Your Paws Rescue had to wear respirators because the smell was unbearable.

Workers could only stay inside the home at 10-minute intervals because of the stench.

According to a recent Facebook post by Cross Your Paws Rescue, the rescued dogs’ medical needs are currently being evaluated.

Officials from Cross Your Paws Rescue said the dogs are not available for adoption at this time but will update their website when they are ready.

The home was quickly condemned by Uniontown code enforcement.



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