A Brazilian man jumped into a lake while trying to escape a swarm of bees and was attacked and killed by a school of piranhas instead.
[Twitter Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: LadBible]

Three men were attacked by a swarm of bees on a lake in Brazil. For fear of being stung, the men jumped into the lake, but only two emerged, while the third went missing.

Rescuers called on the scene recovered the body of the missing 30-year-old man about 13 feet from the shore.

The right side of the drowned man’s face and other parts of his body were bitten off by piranhas.

An autopsy of the man proved inconclusive as to whether he died by drowning or the piranha attack.

One of their most serious piranha attacks occurred in 2013 in Argentina, when a massive school of the predator fish attacked swimmers in the Parana River, seriously injuring 70 people.



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