Thrown Dog
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: CBS]

Virginia Waste Management worker Jermaine Jackson had already lifted the trash dumpster and was about to empty its contents into his truck when he saw something move. There was a dog inside.

Jackson immediately lowered the dumpster, got out of his truck, and freed the dog.

It was raining pretty hard, so he built a makeshift shelter for the dog and quickly called animal control. Unfortunately, it was too early in the morning, and they were still closed.

Good samaritan Frances Verschuure, who lives a few blocks away, allowed the dog to wait on her front porch till animal control opened.

“She (the dog) was sweet as she could be,” Verschuure said.

According to animal control, the dog was lactating and had probably just recently given birth. The puppies were not inside the dumpster and were nowhere to be found.



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