Abandoned 19 lb. miniature horse, who weighs less than a watermelon, finds forever home with his three best doggy friends
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: SWNS]

Six-week-old Peabody is the world’s tiniest horse at his age, claims his proud owner, Faith Smith, 55, a miniature horse trainer based in San Diego.

The tiny horse weighs just around 19 pounds and is far smaller than the average size of his species.

Horses were never meant to live indoors, but Peabody is so tiny that he could never survive outdoors unless he gets bigger, and Smith said that that is highly unlikely.

Peabody’s journey to finding his way to his home with Faith Smith is a sad one. The horse was rejected and abandoned by his mother because he was too small to reach her udder.

His original owners considered having him euthanized because he couldn’t walk, his jaw was out of line, and he was thought to be blind and deaf.

Despite this, Smith was resolute that the little animal deserved a fighting chance and drove cross country to adopt Peabody.

With a bit of patience and TLC, the miniature horse’s jaw has aligned, has learned how to walk, now has near-perfect eyesight.

Peabody now lives a life of indoor happiness with his three french bulldog BFFs.



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