Perseus the Cat
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: WBNS]

Perseus, the one-and-a-half-year-old stray cat, is one lucky feline.

After surviving being hit by a car, the animal welfare association took him to Sofia Zoi’s veterinary clinic in the central Greek town of Larissa.

His injuries were so severe that three of his legs had to be amputated, leaving him unable to walk.

Thanks in part to the miracle of science and Perseus the cat’s resilience, he’s bounced back and is walking again. What did I tell you? He’s a lucky cat.

Zoi worked with a Greek team of engineers and veterinarians called Bio3Dvet, which outfitted him with legs made of titanium steel and 3D printed plastic paws.

It took four operations to attach his artificial limbs.

Zoi said that within the first 15 seconds, Perseus began moving about like he’s had his prosthesis all his life. He had no problem walking around using them.

Where is Perseus now? Well, there are many requests from people to adopt him after his story went viral, but he’s still at Zoi’s clinic.

He needs special care; his paws need to be constantly changed, there are many technical issues, Zoi pointed out.

But also, the veterinarian has grown attached to him; she said that Perseus has adapted well to the clinic and brings joy to people bringing in their pets.

Zoi doesn’t want him to leave, so Perseus, the lucky cat, is not going anywhere anytime soon.



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