Muffy the Dog survives alligator attack in Florida
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: FOX 35]

Renee Urquhart remembers the terrifying moment vividly, “I dropped the leash, so the dog could get a drink, all of a sudden, BAM!!!”

Her small dog, Muffy, was attacked by an alligator near her home located near Wekiva Springs State Park.

Urquhart says her dog was wearing a harness when the alligator started to pull Muffy into the water, so she pulled back really hard, and luckily the predator decided to let Muffy go.

When Urquhart got Muffy to the veterinarian, the doctor said it could have turned out much worse for both of them.

“The vet said we were fortunate, both of us,” she said, “because it could have attacked me as well.”

She said Muffy’s wounds weren’t serious, and the little dog should make a full recovery.

“He’s on antibiotics, and anti-anxiety pills, and anti-inflammatories. So he’s going to be fine.”

Urquhart reported the attack to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.



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