Animal Services officials offer tips on how to keep your pets safe during the Halloween celebrations.
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Halloween can be the spookiest night of the year, but keeping your beloved pets safe need not be scary. There are simple precautions to keep your four-legged family member safe this season.   

KEEP YOUR PET AT HOME in a safe, quiet room surrounded by their favorite bed and toys during Halloween festivities. Please do not take them out to trick-or-treat, and do not leave them outside while people are trick or treating from home to home.

Keep pets away from entrances: During trick-or-treating hours, animals can quickly slip through the door for the homeowner to hand out treats when it is opened. Additionally, dogs could bite children out of fear or nervousness.

ABSOLUTELY NO SWEETS: Do not feed your pet any candy — especially chocolate — and do not put sweets where a pet will be able to find and eat them. 

PROPER ID YOUR PET: Ensure that your dog or cat is licensed and microchipped with current identification. This will make sure that your pet will be returned to you if they do get lost. Microchip numbers – no matter the make and manufacturer.

Beware of costume hazards: Your pet may look very adorable, but be mindful of animal costumes that use rubber bands. If you mistakenly leave rubber bands on your pet after the costume comes off, the band can burrow into the animal’s skin and cause infection. In addition, the pet may swallow the elastic, which can result in intestinal problems.

Watch the decorations: While a carved jack-o-lantern certainly is festive, pets can easily knock over a lit pumpkin and start a fire. Curious kittens are especially at risk of getting burned or singed by candle flame.

KEEP GLOW STICKS AWAY FROM PETS: While glow sticks can help keep people safe on Halloween night, they can add some unwanted drama to the holiday if a pet chews one open. The good news is that the liquid inside glow sticks is non-toxic, but it doesn’t taste enjoyable. Pets who get into a glow stick may drool, paw at their mouth, become agitated, and sometimes even vomit. If your pet does chew on a glow stick, give it freshwater or a small meal to help clear the material out of the mouth.



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