Animal shelter officials save 23 dogs in rusty cages littered with feces and dog skeletons found in a Kentucky home.
[Facebook Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: 4.3 Hopkins County Humane Society]

Animal shelter officials from the Hopkins County Humane Society (HCHS) helped rescue 23 dogs from a deplorable dog hoarding situation at a property in Kentucky on Saturday.

According to a Facebook post published by the HCHS, the shelter was contacted by the county sheriff’s department asking for their assistance.

The nonprofit said that after the undisclosed sheriff’s department explained to them the condition of the canines, they quickly agreed.


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Officials said, “We were not prepared for what we saw when we got there, mounds of accumulated urine, feces, and bones everywhere. All the dogs found alive have dental issues, skin issues, and hair loss.”

Thirteen dogs were rescued by shelter workers from the “deplorable conditions” before going back to collect another ten the following day.

The nonprofit said that many of the kennels contained the skeletal remains of other dogs.

“The gates on these pens were wired and rusted shut. Food and water were being dumped over for them,” HCHS said.

Rescuers later released pictures of the rescued dogs on TikTok.
After the nonprofit had been informed of the situation last Wednesday,

“Our shelter is certainly not lacking in dogs; however, we were asked to help these poor babies, and we responded,” HCHS said.

“The ‘caretakers’ of these dogs have failed them; now it’s our job to bring these animals back to life.”



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