Antibiotic-resistant 'Superbug' impervious to all major forms of medications, spreading in two cities, health officials warn
[Photo by Brian Ferguson/Creative Commons License]

An untreatable ‘superbug’ fungus outbreak has spread in a Washington, D.C. nursing home and two Dallas-area hospitals, U.S. health officials said Thursday.

Patients were diagnosed with invasive fungal infections that were resistant to all three major forms of medications.

The harmful fungus called Candida Auris is a form of yeast that is extremely dangerous to nursing home residents or hospital patients with compromised immune systems.

It becomes deadly when it enters the heart, brain, or bloodstream.

Dr. Meghan Lyman from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, “Patients are seemingly getting infected by each other; this is the first time we’ve seen clustering of resistance.”



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