Meet Army veteran Zachary Jones – pictured above – according to Jones, the 9/11 monument in New York inspired him to become a soldier. He went through basic, then was deployed to fight the Taliban and ISIS overseas.

Unfortunately, during his time in service for his country, he was wounded – almost fatally so. And at just 23 years of age, he was medically and honorably discharged.

Jone’s sister, Breann Jones – wrote a letter to Holzerland Protection Dogs, in that letter, she noted that her brother has been through a lot as she explained his story to them.

For those not in the know, Holzerland Protection Dogs owned by Brianna Holzerland – is a pet service that gives quality Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, and Thai Ridgebacks to those in law enforcement, and to those who seek personal protection dogs.  Some are even given to those who pursue competitive sports even while with disabilities.

After Holzerland Protection Dogs heard of his story through his sister, they were able to arrange an event to surprise him with a new service dog of his very own!

Fox News was even there to cover the event:

To Zack Jones, and to every veteran like him, we thank you for your service!



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