Attention Men: A recent scientific study shows that posing with a cat on your dating app profile might not be a good idea
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Having a good dating app profile picture nowadays is vital. You only have a few seconds to impress a possible mate before they instinctively swipe left, so first impressions count.

In essence, your future dating life hinges on ONE SINGLE PHOTO.

Photos don’t just evoke desirability; a recent study found that 43% of people who frequent online dating apps are convinced that they can have a sense of a person’s personality just by looking at their dating app profile picture.

Ex. People will assume that someone who posted a picture of themselves on a hiking trail is probably an outdoorsy type.

Now that we’ve established that first impressions are essential and it’s all about one’s profile picture – what happens when a man poses with their pet cat?

A recent study conducted by Boise State University’s Prof. Shelly Volsche and Colorado State University’s Prof. Lori Kogan had 1,300 straight women between ages 18 and 24 take a simple online survey.

The women were shown TWO photos of a man in his 20s. The first photo had him holding a cat, while the other was him alone.

Attention cat-dads looking for love online! You might want to grab some Dramamine before you read this – Most of the women surveyed found the man holding the cat to be less dateable.

The women also thought that the cat-holding man looked neurotic and less masculine.

According to Volshe and Kogan’s findings, the surveyed women seek ‘masculine men‘ to date and consider cats ‘feminine pets.’

Fear not, men-who-love-cats! The researchers did admit that they sampled a particular demographic – heterosexual, primarily white women between 18 and 24 in the United States.

The professors said that the survey could change if bisexual, gender fluid, or women from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds are included.



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