Authorities Are Searching For A California Woman Who's Been Feeding Coyotes Raw Meat On A Platter.
[Photo by synspectrum/Creative Commons License] [YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: KTVU]

Wildlife authorities in San Francisco are asking the public’s help in identifying a woman who’s been allegedly feeding wild coyotes in the city.

In a statement Wednesday, San Francisco Animal Care & Control said that it had received reports of feeding in multiple areas and shared an image of an individual whom the agency has identified as “a particularly egregious coyote feeder.”

The picture was taken on Bernal Hill and showed a woman with a platter full of raw meat sitting on the ground feeding a coyote.

“The same person allegedly feeds coyotes in other locations around the city,” the agency said.

Wild coyotes are naturally shy and avoid humans, but they can become comfortable around people if fed intentionally.

The agency explained feeding coyotes “can create dangerous situations when animals learn to approach people as they seek an easy handout.”



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