Bar In Texas Bans Mariah Carey's Song 'All I Want For Christmas' Sparks Online Fury
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: KPRC]

Texas bar sets stringent rules on playing Mariah Carey’s classic ‘All I Want for Christmas.’ 

A bar in Texas has sparked online fury with Mariah Carey fans after allegedly restricting the number of times her classic hit ‘All I Want For Christmas’ can be played inside the establishment. 

It all started when columnist Kyle Smith posted a picture online, purportedly taken in the Dallas area, detailing rules around the playing of Mariah’s song. 

The sign reads: “Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You will be skipped if played before December 1. After December 1, the song is only allowed one time a night.”

Mariah Carey’s fans felt it was unfair that the Christmas song was singled out.

Some even called it “suspicious,” while others noted that songs by white artists did not have any restrictions. 



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