Bees from a 100-pound beehive attack six people in Arizona, one person killed, two hospitalized, authorities say
[Photo by Alexander Kirchmair/Creative Commons License]

Authorities in Tucson, Arizona, say that a swarm of bees that came from a 100-pound open beehive attacked and killed a man while seriously injuring two other people Thursday afternoon. 

The Northwest Fire District was called about a swarm of bees in a tree inside a home’s backyard. They say three people passing through the area were stung hundreds of times, with one of them dying from his injuries. 

Three firefighters were also stung around 60 times and were treated and released from a nearby hospital. 

In a Facebook post, police said that bee handlers exterminated most of the bees and destroyed the hive. 

“There are still bees lingering in the area, so please continue to use caution.” 

From 2000–2017, a total of 1,109 died from hornet, wasp, and bee stings, for an annual average of 62 deaths, the CDC reported in 2019.



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