Bear Lake Tahoe
[YouTube Screen Capture/Fair Use/Credit: Inside Edition]

About a dozen beachgoers watched in awe and delight as a large adult black bear and her three cubs ran and played in the water at a South Lake Tahoe beach in California.

The bear family was probably trying to beat the heat as temperatures hit 90 degrees in South Lake Tahoe that day. Turning a typical day at the lake into a wildlife experience for the beachgoers.

Jen Watkins, who recorded the bears frolicking on the water on her cellphone, said that the bears took off with a beachgoers cooler before running back into the forest.

“Don’t feed them, don’t provoke them, don’t approach them, respect their space. Bears are very dangerous,” said Placer County Sheriff officer Lt. Nelson Resendes.

A growing number of Sierra Nevada bears have been found suffering from encephalitis, a fatal brain inflammation that makes bears docile and ‘dog-like in behavior.

Since March 2020, four California bears have were discovered to have the disease. The number might even be higher.

Black bears will be monitored and moved if they wander into areas where people gather, officials of the Placer County and California Department of Fish and Wildlife said.



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