Boji, The Wandering Street Dog Becomes A Social Media Sensation
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: THV11]

Boji, the street dog, is a regular sight for commuters on buses, ferries, and trains in Istanbul, Europe’s largest city.

The dog clocks in about 20-30 miles of travel on an average day.

Municipality officials who track Boji’s trips with a microchip claim the dog uses at least 29 metro stations per day.

Metro Istanbul’s Aylin Erol said, about two months ago, they noticed a dog using metro trains, and the animal knew exactly which stations to get in and which ones to get out of.

The dog respects public transport rules and quietly waits for passengers to disembark before getting on a train.

He enjoys sitting on the middle area of a transportation carriage, or boji in Turkish – hence his officials’ given name.

Istanbul commuters post pictures of Boji on social media, and his accounts have more than 50,000 followers and counting.



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