Giant Goldfish
[Photo by Hector Cabrera/Creative Commons License]

An AQUARIUM full of goldfish is beautiful, relaxing, even therapeutical, but a LAKE full of goldfish, not so much.

City officials in Burnsville, Minnesota, issued a warning against illegally releasing unwanted pet fish into ponds and lakes after ten gigantic goldfish were discovered during a routine water quality check of Keller Lake earlier this month.

Eighteen more were fished out on Monday. These are not your typical tiny goldfish. Some of them weighed up to four pounds and were 18 inches long.

Minnesota is one of several states sounding the alarm against goldfish dumping.

“Goldfish are an invasive species that live up to 25 years. Once they are thrown into a waterway, they rapidly reproduce, outcompete endemic species for food, increase algae in lakes, and are extremely hard to remove’, Minnesota officials said.

Dumping pet fish into local ponds is illegal in most states, including Minnesota.



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