According to a statement from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida, deputies were called to the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes for a call about an unresponsive man in a hotel room. He was identified as Robert Saget, actor and comedian who gained worldwide popularity as Danny Tanner in the beloved 90’s sitcom “Full House”. The deputies pronounced him deceased at the scene. He was only 65.

In their press release, the first responders found no evidence of foul play or drug use was involved, and that the cause of death will be later determined by a medical examiner.

According to his social media, Saget was in Florida as part of his comedy tour. He was known for his raunchy, adult-oriented stand-up comedy – with one of his stand-up albums earning a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 2014.

When news of his death spread, those close to him took to social media in remembrance:

Born Robert Lane Saget to a Jewish family on May 17, 1956, in Philadelphia to Benjamin and Rosalyn Saget. He was originally intending to want to become a doctor, but one of his English professors saw and encouraged his potential in films.


Before starring in the role that made him a household name, he did a short run on CBS’ The Morning Program – an early morning show that was a mix of news, entertainment, and comedy. It wasn’t long before the show got canceled and he was soon hired to do a sitcom that would garner generous ratings the world over in 1987 to 1995: FULL HOUSE.

While starring in the heavily syndicated show, Bob Saget also did double-duty as the host to America’s Funniest Home Videos Television Show from 1989-1997.

He directed a couple of films, one made for tv called “For Hope” in 1996 – which was inspired by his late sister who had passed away from scleroderma three years prior. And one other was a theatrical release titled “Dirty Work” in 1998.

He went back on the sitcom gig from 2001-2002 called Raising Dad that lasted only one season.

What not many know though, is that Bob Saget had another iconic role: as the future voice of Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother. This was highlighted in an interview by Larry King a couple of years back:

Here’s an example:

Between his roles on and off the small screen, Saget was also a successful stand-up comedian featuring raunchy, adult-oriented humor. In fact, he had just finished a show prior to his death.

As this story is still breaking, more will hopefully follow once cause of his death has been determined. Our sincerest condolences to his friends and family. Thanks for all the laughter, Bob!



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