Deputies: Michigan woman shoots neighbor's cat with a crossbow, claims animal attacked her pets, faces felony charges.
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Pilot]

According to authorities, a Michigan woman, Taylor Rose Shipman, 23, of East Tawas, shot a neighbor’s cat with a crossbow claiming the animal went berserk and she was just defending her pets.

Eric Erickson, the cat’s owner, came home to discover his injured orange cat named Oliver lying by the front porch door.

Luckily the resilient cat survived the brutal attack.

In a Facebook photo post featuring Oliver with an arrow sticking out of his neck, Erickson wrote, “I just came home to my cat on the porch shot by a crossbow.”

Erickson said his neighbor, Shipman admitted to shooting the poor cat, but it was only to defend her animals.

She also claimed that Oliver lunged at people on her property while appearing to have rabies, according to

The Iosco County Sheriffs promptly arrested Shipman.

Oliver spent a few days at a veterinarian hospital but survived the brutal attack.



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