Dog Chasing A Lizard Tumbles Down 170-Foot Cliff At Red River Gorge, Kentucky — And Survives, Authorities Say
[Facebook Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: WCSART]

A dog fell down a 170-foot cliff in Kentucky — and miraculously lived to tell about it with just some minor cuts.

Officials with the Wolfe County Search and Rescue Team were dispatched to Frog’s Head in the gorge on Sunday for reports of a dog who fell off a cliff. The dog, Tyson, chased a lizard over the edge of the cliff when he went over, rescuers said.

When rescuers got to the base of the cliff, they found a group of hikers who said they had seen a dog without a leash roaming the area, according to a news release. 

The rescuers contacted Tyson’s owner, who showed them a photo of the pit bull mix.

To their “absolute amazement,” photos they were shown matched the description of the dog seen at the base, the search and rescue team said. 

According to rescuers, the group split up to locate Tyson, who “was quickly found for a joyful reunion,” according to rescuers.



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