Ethel the Dog
[YouTube screenshot/Fair Use/credit KCCI News]

Cats aren’t the only ones with nine lives; dogs have about as many spare lives as well.

Ethyl, the dog, was found by kayakers on a bank along the Charlton River in Centerville, Iowa, after being reported missing six days.

She was skittish, shy, and covered in ticks from the wooden area when she was discovered on Friday.

The kayakers noticed her tag and called her owner right away.

From there, it was an uneventful four-hour trek to reunite Ethyl with her family.

One of the kayakers, Shakira Sias, told KCCI News that, “The waters come up so much now, if they didn’t get to Ethyl when they did, the poor dog would have been washed away.”

The kayakers and Ethyl’s owners got along, well, swimmingly, and have already made plans to see her again.



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