Dog Runs Ahead Of Owners On Colorado Trail, Gets Trampled To Death By Moose
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: 9News]

According to the SCRG (Summit County Rescue Group), a dog got ahead of its owners on Masontown Trail in Colorado and encountered three moose. When the dog named Arlo tried to run back to his owners, he was trampled to death by one of the moose.

The rescue group said the dog was still breathing but unresponsive when they got to him. Arlo was taken to a nearby animal hospital, where he succumbed to injuries he sustained. It’s a “freak occurrence,” according to Arlo’s owners.

SCRG’s Anna Debattiste is sharing the tragic story on social media to make sure pet owners are aware of the dangers posed by wild animals.

“So many of us hike with our dogs. All of us on the team hike with our dogs. We know that moose can be dangerous, but something like this brings it home and makes people pay attention to keeping themselves and their dogs safe,” Debattiste said.

She said it’s a good idea to keep your dog on a leash and keep them close but said they’ve heard of incidents involving moose approaching dogs on a leash as well.

“You just can’t be too careful around a moose,” Debattiste said.
This is the third dog rescue they’ve responded to so far this year.



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