Doorbell Camera Shows Cat Boldly Chasing Away Coyote From His Arizona Home.
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: FNU]

A brave 5-year old CAT from Arizona took on a COYOTE and lived to tell the tale.

Sunny the cat is extremely lucky because coyotes are notorious for munching on small dogs and cats.

According to Sunny’s owner, Kelli Koeller, the black-and-white cat loves to hang outside their home guarding the property.

The Koeller’s surveillance camera recorded Sunny sneaking up to a solitary coyote then chasing the startled canine out of the yard.

Amy Burnett with Arizona Game & Fish says coyotes often come into more urban areas this time of year and will go after cats and small dogs.

“Lucky, spunky cat,” Burnett said of Sunny.



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