Drunk California man set his car on fire to scare off imaginary bears
[Photo by Marco Metzler/Creative Commons License] [Facebook Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: CHP]

An intoxicated man in his 30’s, whose identity was withheld pending investigation, set his car on fire while shouting, ‘The bears!!!” when police officers found him near the California-Nevada border. 

CHP Officer Carlos Perez was quoted as saying, “Listen, we have bears in the area. But there were no bears nearby,” as per Kiro7 News.

“We determined that the man had set his vehicle ablaze to stave off these so-called bears,” Perez said. 

The police officers quickly put out the blaze, as the car was in a brushy hillside, and they were trying to prevent a possible wildfire. 

That man was charged for being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance and arson. 

CHP-Truckee then went on Facebook to post about the incident. 

“We are always appreciative of additional fire extinguisher training, but in case anyone was wondering, no, you [can’t] light a fire on the hood of your vehicle to ‘keep the bears away,'” the CHP posted, along with a photo of an officer putting out the fire.



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