Ah, it’s finally here, Fourth of July. It’s that idyllic time of year when family and friends come together for a good ole fashion barbecue while enjoying the stunning display of fireworks exploding throughout the night sky in celebration of Independence Day.

Unfortunately, however, not all family members in the household may find the idea of loud bursting fireworks ‘charming’.

The constant loud booms of fireworks can be especially hard for pets.

Our pet dog or cat wouldn’t know if those sounds are all in good fun. They frequently can get seriously hurt or even run away if they are startled or spooked.

Our pets have sensitive ears, and a series of firework explosions will feel like a series of magnified shots.

According to Nina Thompson with the San Diego Human Society, here are some easy things ‘pet parents’ can do at home to help their ‘pet children’ get through this weekend:

  • Create a safe space: Find a small area in the house and make sure the windows are closed and curtains or blinds block the activity from outside. Surround your pet with their favorite familiar items, like toys or their favorite blanket.
  • Microchip and ID tags: Make sure your pet is microchipped, has its collar on with an ID tag with your CURRENT address and phone number. Animal shelters around the nation ALWAYS see a rise in lost pets after the 4th of July, as many pets panic and bolt from their homes at the sound of loud explosive fireworks.
  • Music: Put on some background music or turn the TV on to muffle out the noise of fireworks.

Always remember that our pets not only have a heightened sense of sound, they also have a heightened sense of smell.

Be attentive to behavioral reactions to the scent of smoke and/or burning chemicals.



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