Elusive cat causes 4-minute delay at Yankees-Orioles game
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Virals All Sports]

Baseballs players weren’t the only ones running at Yankee Stadium Monday night.

The Yankees’ security team was running all over the place trying to catch a stray on the field, and it took about four minutes before the grounds crew led the cat out through an open gate, must to the displeasure of Yankees fans.

The elusive cat ran from out of the Orioles’ dugout and chased to center field, where it began a series of hijinx trying to climb the outfield wall.

Several attempts by the Yankees’ staff members came up empty as M-V-P chants began to spread across the ballpark.

Eventually, someone wised up enough to open a gate for the cat to run through.

Fans immediately began to boo. With the Yankees trailing 7-1, the cat-astrophe was the most exciting event the New York faithful saw all night.



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