Extremely Lucky Washington Woman Cheats Death With Only Minor Injuries After Semi-Truck Pancakes Her Car
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/ Credit: NBCK5]

A Washington driver is extremely fortunate after she survived a crash with a semi-truck that left her car flattened on Tuesday.

The woman’s car was crushed by an 18-wheeler that came to a rest on top of her Nissan Altima.

It happened on I-5, just north of Seattle on the Skagit River Bridge.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Rocky Oliphant tells KOMO-TV:

“I don’t know how she survived this. She is the luckiest unlucky woman. I mean, unlucky to be in a situation like that but incredibly fortunate to have survived it… There is no explanation as to why she’s alive. Let alone (only with) minor injuries.” 

Investigators say the 18-wheeler slammed into her as traffic in front of her slowed down.

Trooper Oliphant says, “The car was struck from behind, folded the vehicle in half.”

When a trooper approached the car, the woman called out, saying, “help, help.” 

A tow truck lifted the front end of the semi off the car; then the woman was able to crawl out of a bit of gap where her passenger-side window was, she was able to pull herself out with her power. 

The tractor-trailer driver was cited for following too closely, a ticket that carries a $189 fine.



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