A family in England was in total shock to find out that their beloved missing cat, who they thought had died and they had cremated, suddenly reappeared at their backdoor weeks later as if nothing happened.

Frankie, the fluffy ‘Lazarus Cat’ who’s believed to be around 16 years old, went missing on May 19 from the family’s residence in Warrington, England — a small town located between Liverpool and Manchester. 

According to Frankie’s owner, Rachel Fitzsimons, the cat was a rescue that they adopted over 14 years ago. She described him as a voracious hunter who goes out and often brings “presents” back to the family — but never goes out for long and every night makes it a point to sleep with their 7-year-old son.

By Saturday, Fitzsimons said she noticed a dead cat on the side of the motorway near their home. 

The dead cat was the same size and had the same fur markings as their beloved cat. The family was convinced without a doubt that it was indeed their missing cat.

In between tears, crying and heartbreak, they took ‘Frankie’s body’ to the vet and had him cremated.

The family had the cat’s ashes put in a small wooden box with “Frankie” engraved on a plaque in loving memory.

Just over three weeks after the cat went missing, on around June 10th, Fitzsimons’ husband heard loud cat noises outside their door. 

Sure enough, Frankie is back — although a thin version of himself. The family, who was in disbelief gave him food and water and had him checked at the vet.

Frankie has since been to the vet several times to make sure that he is fine. Aside from an abscess in his mouth, and some possible head trauma, he is otherwise okay, slowly recovering and getting healthier more and more every day.



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