Surprise. Surprise. It turns out, dogs are smart enough to work doorbells.

Mary Lynn Whitacre and Ryan Washick of Simpsonville, S.C., said Rajah, their Lab-Catahoula/Leopard-Mix Dog was startled by nearby fireworks while she was playing outside of their home on Sunday, according to multiple reports. 

The husband and wife said Rajah leaped over their fence and ran.   

Then, right around 3:00 a.m., Rajah casually strolled up to the house’s front porch and rang the doorbell using her nose.

In a recent interview, Whitacre said that she has no clue how Rajah learned how to do this. She explained that she and her husband barely use their own doorbell, so she’s puzzled as to how their dog would’ve learned how to press it. 

Apparently, the 18-month-old puppy thought she was in trouble and might have done something wrong because she was sad and sulking when she got home.

As far as Rajah the Dog’s ‘pet parents’ are concerned, they’re just relieved and happy that she’s back healthy and unharmed.



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