Fish with human-like teeth caught in North Carolina will give you nightmares.

North Carolina fisherman Nathan Martin caught a 9-pound fish that eerily looks like it’s wearing dentures. 

A photo shared by Jennette’s Pier on Facebook shows the aquatic animal known as a Sheepshead with its mouth open, exposing what looks like human teeth. 

During the summer, the Sheepshead fish eats barnacles and can be found near bridges.

Martin said he was fishing with his brother on Monday off the Outer Banks when they reeled in the odd-looking fish. 

Martin is a regular angler at the pier and went out in hopes of catching sheepshead. Wish granted. 

The post from the fishing destination in Nags Head surprised many social media users and left others creeped out.

“Omg, that’s crazy. I would drop and run,” one person commented on the photo.

According to Scientific American, a sheepshead’s teeth evolved into their current shape to allow them to eat food of plant and animal origin, much like humans.

Sheepshead fish are found in N. Carolina’s coastal waters, are edible, and can weigh between 5 to 15 pounds, according to the N.C. Dept. of Environmental Quality.

The fish is not listed as endangered or vulnerable with the World Conservation Union.



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