Florida rescue dog taken to vet for possible arthritis, radiograph revealed pooch was shot over 100 times with birdshot pellets in head, neck
Courtesy of Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida

When Teddy was first saved in central Florida by Seminole County Animal Services, he was frail that the dog was deemed not ready to be adopted yet, and was taken in by the Poodle and Pooch rescue in Orlando.     

The vets at Poodle and Pooch noticed he was walking with a limp and assumed it was arthritis.

A radiograph, however, revealed that Teddy’s body was embedded with multiple birdshot pellets all over his head, neck, legs, and shoulders.  

Rebecca Lynch, president of Poodle and Pooch Rescue, said that Teddy is fortunate not to have suffered eye damage. 

If the pellets caused pain or infection, then they are removed by staff. But in the dog’s case, the shells have been in his body for so long that the wounds have healed over. Meaning there are no active medical threats. 

“Despite his condition and someone who was very unkind to him once upon a time, he is just the most trusting and loving, sweet soul,” Lynch says.

Thankfully, the bad times are behind him. Sweet Teddy was welcomed into a loving foster family last week. 

There, he kicks back indoors with a new puppy-parents, their two children, and other dogs and cats.

Teddy’s new foster mom told the staff at Poodle and Pooch that he’s able to go up the stairs to sleep beside them in the bedroom, but his arthritis makes it hard to go downstairs

His foster dad helps to carry him downstairs each morning, though Teddy doesn’t seem to mind.

As of now, they’re waiting for the results of his most recent biopsy to make sure his forever family can be completely aware of all medical concerns in the future.

“He really could adjust into any [living] situation because he’s just an easygoing, sweet dog,” Lynch says.



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