Florida woman arrested after trying to shoplift a parrot from pet store by stuffing it in backpack full of drugs
[Photo by Diego Torres Silvestre/Creative Commons License] [Youtube Screenshot/Fair Use/NBC]

Officers with the Fort Myers Police Department said a 22-year-old woman is being accused of trying to steal a bird worth $275.00 from a pet store, killing it in the process.

Savannah Myers was arrested after hiding a parrot from the Pet Kingdom on 4650 S. Cleveland Avenue, in her backpack and attempting to leave the store.

Employees at the pet store tried to restrain Myers, resulting in a 65-year-old senior worker getting punched in the face.

Myers is charged with animal abuse charges after the bird involved in the alleged theft died, along with the battery of a person, 65 years old and older, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s office.

When police officers searched her bag, they also found illegal drugs, which comes with the possession of drugs without a prescription charge; controlled substances without a prescription charge



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