Gator In The Garbage: Massive Dead Alligator Found In Louisiana Dumpster
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: WETM]

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, roofs were damaged, fences were down on a New Orleans street corner, but there’s something else sending shock waves through the neighborhood – a giant dead alligator in a garbage dumpster.

On the corner of Upperline and Perrier, someone threw away a 7-foot alligator carcass inside a pink dumpster.

There were all sorts of interesting questions that made the rotting beast an overnight social media phenomenon.

How did the reptile die? Who threw it away? How did the gator there in the first place? The closest river is about nine blocks away.

Demo Diva is the one that rented out the dumpster, and the owner said they were unaware of the gator, but it will be taken to the landfill with all the other garbage and debris in the dumpster.



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