Georgia firefighters swarmed by wasps rescue puppy that fell 15 feet down maintenance hole
[Facebook Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services]

Cobb County, Georgia, firefighters managed to save a puppy who appears to have fallen inside a manhole despite them being stung by a swarm of yellow jackets.

The firefighters arrived at the scene after residents of an apartment building reported concerns of a whimpering animal somewhere in the area.

When the Cobb County Fire Department arrived, they discovered that the cause of the noise was a puppy yelping for help after falling down a 15-foot deep utility hole.

While firefighters were trying to find the dog inside the sewer drain, they accidentally disturbed a wasps nest, according to a Facebook post from the Cobb County Fire Department page.

Some crew members were stung, but it did not impede the rescue effort.

Kennesaw’s newest hero from Squad 16, Dominic Simone, grabbed the stuck pup, who did not suffer from injuries from both the fall down the hole and the yellow jackets.

The firefighters took the rescued dog to Cobb County Animal Services, where it was reunited with its owner.



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