Snake in Bed
[Photo by Tony Alter/Creative Commons License] [YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Fox]

There’s something hiding underneath Trish and Max Wilcher‘s bed in their Tanglewood, Georgia home, and it’s of the slithering kind.

Trish Wilcher told news outlets that, at first, she thought it was a small clump of dust on the floor, but then it moved.

She recalled, “Then another piece moved about a second later. That’s when I told my husband that we have snakes.”

That’s when the Wilcher family moved the bed to uncover a mother snake with 17 freshly hatched babies.

Max Wilcher quickly took a grabber tool and carefully placed them in a linen bag.

The Wilcher family quickly learned there were 17 babies and a mother snake, the baby snakes recently hatching, making themselves at home.

So, Max Wilcher took a grabber tool and placed each one in a linen bag. The entire ordeal took them until around midnight.

The family believes the snakes were garter snakes. Garters are relatively harmless.

FYI: It is illegal to kill non-venomous snakes in Georgia.

Trish Wilcher did confirm that a wildlife catcher had been to their house to make sure there aren’t any more snakes.

“I may need a cardiologist after this.”, she said.



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