Hero Dog Honored With Award After Saving Koalas From Australian Wildfires
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: BBCN]

Bear, the six-year-old Australian Koolie, who received media attention for his work in rescuing koalas during the 2019-2020 Australian wildfire, received an award for his efforts, according to a press release from the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare).

IFAW honored Bear with an Animal Action Award at the U.K.’s House of Lords.

Bear accepted his prize virtually from his home in Australia.

Not long before Australia’s devastating bushfires, Bear had trouble finding a forever home because of his obsessive enthusiasm and boundless energy for play, according to the IFAW.

Fortunately, these ‘unwanted’ traits made Bear an ideal candidate for the Detection Dogs for Conservation program at the University of Sunshine Coast.

The school took in the canine and trained him to sniff out koalas and other wild animals needed rescue during natural disasters. Bear excelled at training and soon became an official team member, working with IFAW to protect wildlife.

During Australia’s 2019-2020 wildfire season, Bear used his skills to sniff out over 100 live koalas stuck in scorched areas and need of rescue.

Because of Bear, these koalas were able to get the medical care they desperately needed to recover from burns, malnourishment, and dehydration.



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