Heroic mama cat suffered severe burns while trying to save her kittens from a barn fire, manages to keep one.
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: City News]

Minka, a semi-feral mother cat, repeatedly ran inside a burning barn to try and rescue her litter of kittens. 

Unfortunately, she was only able to save one of her babies, Francis. The mother and kitten both required veterinary attention.  

According to Edmonton, Canada-based, Furget Me Not Animal Rescue, which took in the animals, along with smoke inhalation, the mom cat received severe burns all over her body.      

Minka was X-rayed to determine the extent of damage to her lungs due to smoke inhalation and was given antibiotics. 

Furget Me Not wrote that even while the mama cat was suffering incalculable pain, she still tried to care for her surviving kitten. 

CityNewsEdmonton reported that Minka was covered in burns all over her paws, ears, and stomach. 

The animal rescue provided a positive update on Monday, posting a video of Minka eating from a bowl as Francis watched closely. 

“We’re amazed & incredibly humbled by the international response to Minka’s story!” the post read.

In a Facebook message, Furget Me Not said the mother and baby are in a foster home together. The little guy is even eating by himself!



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