Hundreds Of Alien-Looking Prehistoric Creatures Emerge After Arizona Monsoon Storms
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: 12N]

Monsoons bring rain, but they can also revive prehistoric creatures. This is precisely what happened in Wupakti, Arizona.

A monsoon rain dumped enough water in a desert area that caused eggs buried underneath the soil to start hatching.

The creatures who laid the eggs are called Triops and have called the Arizona desert their home since the time of the dinosaurs.

These prehistoric shrimp-like creatures lay their eggs in the sand, which lay dormant until the next rainfall.

The triops live for up to 90 days or till; however, the long water in the desert lasts. This gives them ample time to mate and lay eggs till the next monsoon happens.

This pond, unfortunately, only lasted around 30 days. It is unclear if it was sufficient time for these particular triops to start a new life cycle for their species.

We won’t know till the next storm happens, which in the Arizona desert could take decades.



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