Ohio woman arrested on animal cruelty charges after dog she INTENTIONALLY locked inside hot car dies.
[Photo by Matt Phillips/Creative Commons License] [YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Local 12]

An Ohio woman was charged with animal cruelty after she locked her dog inside a hot car as a form of punishment.

It all started when a concerned neighbor witnessed Mouheb Ashakih, 58, throw her dog, Chapo, into the back seat of her Toyota Camry Saturday evening.

When the neighbor asked her to release the animal, Ashakih allegedly said, “I don’t care, mind your own business. I want him to die.”

That was when he called the Sandusky police.

When officers arrived, Ashakih told them that Chapo was being punished for attacking one of her other dogs.

The cops rushed to the car and found the dog passed out on the car’s floorboard.

The woman had previously locked her car doors and put the windows up so the dog couldn’t get out.

According to the police report, it was around 81 degrees outside, but the car’s interior was much hotter, and Chapo had been imprisoned inside the vehicle for about 30-45 mins.

An officer broke one of the car windows, but it was too late. The dog had already succumbed to extreme heat and lack of oxygen.

Another neighbor claims that Ashakih had put her dog in a different car once before and did not properly care for her dogs.

Police said she wanted the officers to shoot her for what she had done.

Ashakih then gave her consent for officers and the dog warden to remove her remaining dogs.

Four dogs were taken from the home.



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