A 37-year-old Jordanian man had a near-death experience when a shark suddenly jumped out of the water and took out a chunk of his foot while he was paragliding at a resort in the Red Sea. 

Video footage of the scary incident shows the paraglider hovering above the water when the shark seemingly came out of nowhere and bit his leg.

The man was rushed to the Prince Hashem Military Hospital after sustaining serious injuries from the shark attack in Aqaba.

Medical professionals operated on his right foot, which had several broken bones, muscle torn, as well as several tendons severed from the incident.

The parasailer was listed in a stable condition.

A whitetip reef shark is suspected of being responsible for the attack as they are known to attack humans on occasion.

“Shark attacks in the Gulf of Aqaba are sporadic.”, Mohammad Qatawneh, from the Aqaba International Dive Centre, told local media.



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