Maltese rescued from a LOCKED blazing hot car in Disney parking lot after owners left the dog to visit the theme park
[Twitter Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: Parker Branton]

Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios Guest, Jerry Dana French, heard barking noises coming from inside a vehicle in the theme park’s lot, to which she then proceeded to investigate and found a dog alone in the car. 

“People irresponsible with their furry friends infuriate me.” French posted in the Walt Disney World Facebook Group.

“Security asked me to leave, but I couldn’t; at this point, I started to cry.” shared French. 

According to a statement from the sheriff’s department, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) removed the dog from the car and was given water.  

The animal, which French said was a Maltese, was only estimated to have had an hour left to live if left in the vehicle.

“… it’s people like Shane, Wilson, the Disney parking team, and first responders that make me have hope. Thank you, rescuers!” the animal lover wrote in her Facebook post.

After authorities rescued the dog from the vehicle with the help of the Reedy Creek Fire Department, the owner was located in the park. 

The dog was eventually returned to the owner, who left the park. 

No charges were filed.”



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