source: screen cap/YouTube

Touching pictures of an owner carting up his labradoodle up a mountain in a wheelbarrow for one ‘last walk’ are plucking on heartstrings all across the internet.

Monty, the 10-year-old labradoodle, has hiked up the Brecon Beacon mountain range in Wales many times with his owner Carlos Fresco, 57.

This time is different; Monty is battling terminal leukemia and is no longer able to walk. So, Fresco put his beloved pet in a wheelbarrow together with Monty’s favorite stuffed animal for one last adventure up the familiar trail that they have both come to enjoy.

Frasco recalled how strangers were very kind and asked to help push Monty up the mountain, and although Monty was weak, he thoroughly enjoyed the attention he got from well-wishers.

On June 21, Monty passed away after an 18-month battle with cancer, managing to spend one last Father’s Day with his beloved family.

‘He was truly a special boy. God bless and goodnight, little fella.’, Frasco said.



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