Massachusetts Man Abandons Dog At Beach Chained To Rock In An Area Where It Could Have Drowned During High Tide, Police Say
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: WWLP]

Authorities said that a Massachusetts man had been brought up on animal cruelty charges after he tied a dog to a rock at Short Beach in a secluded area where it could drown at high tide.

Police were responding to calls of an abandoned 50-pound pit bull at the beach.

The officers found the dog with a thick metal chain wrapped around its neck tied to a metal rod with a big rock attached to the chain to prevent the dog from escaping.

The pit bull was chained in an area of the beach that becomes submerged underwater during high tide.

Authorities arrested 35-year-old Elias Pacheco-Osario of Revere.

Pacheco-Osario allegedly told troopers that he abandoned the animal because he couldn’t keep him any longer.

Pacheco-Osario was charged with animal cruelty and released on $340 cash bail. He is expected to be arraigned in Chelsea District Court on Tuesday.



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