Marv the Surfing Cat
[Instagram Screen Shot/Fair Use/Credit: Nick Liam Heaney@SurferCatMav]

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes, Maverick, a three-year-old Bengal Cat. He’s poised to become a worldwide phenomenon.

He has nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram, was featured in People Magazine, and most recently, he starred in a Netflix series.

Remember that long-held myth that cats don’t like getting wet? Not this cat. Maverick loves taking a dip in swimming pools, lakes, but his favorite is the ocean.

He’s been swimming since he was eight weeks old and is the master of the West Coast beaches.

“Maverick is a family member and joins us wherever we go,” owners Kayla Tabish and Nick Liam Heaney proudly proclaim.

Tabish explained to ABC10 News, that the reason Maverick is doing the show ‘Cat People‘ on Netflix is not for fame but to promote, Stomp Out Stigma – a charity organization campaigning to show animals can help people with depression.

Maverick was instrumental in helping me heal after the traumatic impact of my father’s suicide, Tabish said.

“He’s trying to smash perceptions that cats are just indoor animals. It’s worked so far, especially during the pandemic.” Tabish and Heaney pointed out.



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