Michigan woman thought she was getting a free German Shepherd; veterinarian tells her that what she got was a hyena
[Twitter Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: HeyMizesCarter] [Photo by TinyFroglet/Creative Commons License]

Monica, a Detroit native, thought she was getting a newborn German Shepherd a few weeks ago after claiming a man was giving them away in front of Papaya Fruit Market on Warren Ave in Detroit.

For Monica, it was love at first sight, and in the weeks that followed, she noticed something peculiar, the dog that she brought home was a fantastic jumper.

“It was making a strange noise … it’s already funny-looking, so we just thought … maybe something was wrong with it, we took it to the vet,” she told ABC Detroit.

The veterinarian had news that stunned Monica. After a full panel of blood work and further testing, it was concluded that it was not a dog at all but a hyena.

Worried that they would kill her pet, Monica quickly left the vet’s office after workers called animal control.

Monica said that the man outside the fruit market was giving away about five hyena pups. She’s concerned that new ‘dog’ owners might have unwittingly taken home hyena pups.

“Hyenas are legal to own in Michigan, with no license or permit required.” according to State Veterinarian and MDARD Animal Industry Division Director Dr. Nora Wineland.

She quickly added that even though they are legal at a state level, there could be local restrictions on a city level.”

Detroit Animal Care and Control said they are not legal in the city.



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