Pigeon, pigeon, fly away. Near the riverbanks, you can’t stay.

Lurking deep beneath the cold, dark, murky waters of rivers, lakes, and ponds across Europe, a giant river monster has developed a taste for pigeon meat.

This wee beastie is the Wels Catfish, and they can weigh up to 880 pounds and grow to lengths up to 13 feet.

As a general rule, fish eat other fish. But in southwestern France, along the Tarn river, these rules do not apply.

On the river’s edge, European catfish hunt and eat pigeons.

Their mastery in catching birds is both fantastic but frightening to watch.

These catfish will jump and beach themselves near the water’s edge like killer whales, grab an unsuspecting pigeon, then drag the struggling bird back into the water to drown, then swallow them whole.  



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